For 15 years we have been holding our AGM at The Hawthorns prior to a game but this year because of SKY we had to meet following the game versus Swansea. Strangely enough, though we cursed the TV operators, in fact it probably made it a more relaxing day than usual. To meet an hour after the final whistle proved to not be too bad a decision.

Many were saying before the game that unfortunately the matches have not been brilliant and results not always in the Albion’s favour but how different was AGM no 16, a truly superb performance from the team with 6 goals scored in total and the blue and white stripes scoring 5 of them. 26 Former Players attended and enjoyed not only the game but the “posh” breakfast and of course the pleasure in meeting up with colleagues, who in some cases, will not have seen each other since the previous AGM.
The AGM gives our members the opportunity of finding out how the Association has progressed or not through the previous 12 months, questions can be asked of the committee regarding various topics including matters relating to the accounts, the role the PFA has in helping our members and other general things of interest to our members.
Those in attendance:  Brendon Batson, Ray Wilson, Geoff Snape, Norman Westbury, John Lovatt, Ray Fairfax, Graham Williams, Campbell Crawford, Mick Fudge, Joe Mayo, Daryl Burgess, Kevin Donovan, Bruce Collard, Peter Latchford, Stewart McLaren, Keith Smith, Paul Raven, Vernon Hodgson, Kevin Summerfield, Derek Monaghan, Gary Hackett, Dennis Clarke, Stewart Woolgar
Ally Brown came for the day but could not stay for the Meeting.
Hopefully Meeting no 17 will be watching Premiership football, we can be optimistic after seeing the performance at meeting no 16.