“Where does one start summing up the events of Saturday afternoon.

First and foremost we at the Former Players Association, want to wish outgoing Head Coach Darren Moore and his assistants Graham Jones and Wayne Jacobs all the very best for the future, and in particular thank Darren  for the superb job he has done at the football club, in trying circumstances, since taking over a year ago. He is of course a member of our association and we would love to see him amongst us sometime very soon. We are indeed proud of what he has achieved in his time at Head Coach, at the football club.

Moving on, it was absolutely wonderful to welcome former players and new members Noel Luke and Steve Hunt into our brethren for Saturday’s game against Ipswich Town. It is perhaps particularly pleasing to welcome Steve, who I understand has not returned to The Hawthorns since leaving the club in the mid eighties. Both he and Noel, were guests of the club and were presented with their club caps pitch-side at half time by life-time supporter Mr Chall, Father of ‘Baggie Bird’ Dave Chall, and we thank him for his support to this wonderful project, which has proved hugely popular with players and fans alike. Noel also received his Association tie from Treasurer Norman Westbury in the Regis Suite before the game.
Steve was joined by the ever popular Garry Thompson, entertaining corporate guests in the various East Stand Suites, whilst Mark Grew and Derek Monaghan joined pre-match tours and visited corporate boxes in the East Stand before the clash with Ipswich.
On the other side of the Shrine Treasurer Norman Westbury and Noel Luke were joined by Bob Taylor, Stan Jones, Ally Robertson, Stewart Phillips and Vernon Hodgson in the Regis Suite along with representatives of the PFA.
So we now look ahead to a new era in the history of the football club, but first things first of course, the vitally important clash with Swansea City at The Hawthorns on Wednesday evening.”

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